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Spoiler: we make cars drive. By themselves.

Meet our team

If you get incredibly excited about developing the autonomous driving industry in Estonia, you're in the right place. Get in touch with Tambet to discuss potential cooperation.


Tambet Matiisen

Tech Lead, Autonomy Software and Learned Driving Team Lead

Naveed Muhammad

Associate Professor of Autonomous Driving, Behavior Prediction Team Lead

Research leads

Arun Kumar Singh

Associate Professor of Collaborative Robotics, Motion Planning Team Lead

Karl Kruusamäe

Associate Professor of Robotics Engineering, HVI and Teleoperation Team Lead

Meelis Kull

Associate Professor in Machine Learning, Perception Uncertainty Team Lead

Raimundas Matulevičius

Professor of Information Security, Security Team Lead

Dietmar Pfahl

Professor of Software Engineering, Validation & Testing Team Lead

Kuldar Taveter

Associate Professor in Information Systems, Requirements Analysis Team Lead

Ardi Tampuu

Lecturer of Artificial Intelligence, Educational Technology Team Lead


Edgar Sepp

Scientific Programmer, High-Definition Maps Team Lead


Mahir Gulzar

PhD Student in Behavior Prediction

Dmytro Zabolotnii

PhD Student in Behavior Prediction

Markus Kängsepp

PhD Student in Perception Uncertainty

Kertu Toompea

Master's Student in Validation & Testing

Allan Mitt

Master's Student in Validation & Testing

Rauno Põlluäär

Master's Student in Teleoperation

Amefon Affia

PhD Student in Security

Debasis Kumar

PhD Student in Behavior Prediction

Tahira Iqbal

PhD Student in Requirements Analysis

Laima Anna Dalbina

Master's Student in Validation & Testing

Basant Sharma

PhD Student in Motion Planning

Anish Shrestha

Master's Student in Robotics Engineering

Fauzia Khan

PhD Student in Validation & Testing