The most obvious piece of hardware that we utilize is our Lexus RX450h. It’s not your average SUV, however, as it is equipped with all the sensors that are a prerequisite for basic autonomy. The car and hardware were adapted by AutonomouStuff and everything is running on our in-house software.

Velodyne VLP-32C lidar

The long-range lidar helps to detect far-away obstacles, e.g., cars and pedestrians. The Velodyne VLP-32C has 32 lidar beams and has a detection range of about 80 meters. Ground removal and clustering is applied to extract obstacles from the point cloud. Alternatively, a special neural network can be used to detect other vehicles and pedestrians.
For some of the more tech-savvy amongst you, here is a list of all the major pieces of hardware and sensors that we use:

Ouster OS1-128 lidar

Vertical resolution: 128 channels
Horizontal resolution: 512, 1024, or 2048
Horizontal FOV: 360°
Horizontal angular resolution: min 0.17°
Vertical angular resolution: 0.35°
Range: 120 meters
Precision: ±0.7-5 cm
Frame rate: 10 or 20 Hz

Velodyne VLP-32C lidar

Vertical resolution: 32 channels
Horizontal resolution: 900-3600
Horizontal FOV: 360°
Vertical FOV: 40°
Horizontal angular resolution: 0.1°-0.4°
Vertical angular resolution: min 0.33°
Range: 200 meters
Precision: ±3 cm
Frame rate: 5 Hz to 20 Hz

2x Allied Vision Mako G-319C cameras

Resolution: 2064 × 1544
Max frame rate: 37.6 fps
Left camera FOV: 25.3°
Right camera FOV: 32.8°

NovAtel PwrPak7D-E2 GNSS device

Signal tracking: GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo
Accuracy: 1 cm + 1 ppm (in practice 5-10 cm)
INS rate: max 200 Hz
RTK service: ESTPOS

Aptiv’s multimode ESR 2.5 radar

  • Range: 174 m
  • FOV: ±10°
  • Update rate: 50 ms
  • Range rate: -100-25 m/s
  • Range: 60 m
  • FOV: ±45°
  • Update rate: 50 ms
  • Range rate: -100-25 m/s

4x Sekonix cameras (3x SF3324, 1x SF3325)

Resolution: 1928 x 1208
Max frame rate: 27 Hz
SF3324 FOV: 120°
SF3325 FOV: 60°

PACMod by-wire kit

Software control of steering, the throttle and the brake
Controllable over CAN bus
ROS drivers available

AStuff Spectra computer

CPU: Intel Xeon
Memory: 32GB
Storage: 1TB SSD
Networking: 6x Gigabit Ethernet
OS: Ubuntu 18.04

NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Xavier computer

Two Xavier Systems-on-a-Chip
Deep Learning Accelerators
Built-in efficient video encoders and decoders
16x GMSL camera ports (4 in use for Sekonix cameras)
2 Ethernet ports
6 CAN buses

Comma two devkit (dashcam)

Cameras: front and back
Driver monitoring: infraredLEDs for night-driving
Connectivity: LTE, Wi-Fi, GPS, OBD-C for CAN bus