The most obvious piece of hardware that we utilize is our Lexus RX450h. It’s not your average SUV, however, as it is equipped with all the sensors that are a prerequisite for basic autonomy. The car and hardware were adapted by AutonomouStuff and everything is running on Autoware.AI software.

Velodyne VLP-32C lidar

The long-range lidar helps to detect far-away obstacles, e.g. cars and pedestrians. Velodyne VLP-32C lidar has 32 lidar beams and has detection range about 80 meters. Ground removal and clustering are applied to extract obstacles from the point cloud. Alternatively special neural network can be used to detect other vehicles and pedestrians.
For some of the more tech-savvy people amongst you, here is a list of all the major pieces of hardware and sensors that we use:

Ouster OS1-128 lidar

Vertical resolution: 128 channels
Horizontal resolution: 512, 1024, or 2048
Horizontal FOV: 360°
Horizontal angular resolution: min 0.17°
Vertical angular resolution: 0.35°
Range: 120 meters
Precision: ±0.7-5 cm
Frame rate: 10 or 20 Hz

Velodyne VLP-32C lidar

Vertical resolution: 32 channels
Horizontal resolution: 900-3600
Horizontal FOV: 360°
Vertical FOV: 40°
Horizontal angular resolution: 0.1°-0.4°
Vertical angular resolution: min 0.33°
Range: 200 meters
Precision: ±3 cm
Frame rate: 5 Hz to 20 Hz

2x Allied Vision Mako G-319C cameras

Resolution: 2064 × 1544
Max frame rate: 37.6 fps
Left camera FOV: 25.3°
Right camera FOV: 32.8°

NovAtel PwrPak7D-E2 GNSS device

Signal tracking: GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo
Accuracy: 1 cm + 1 ppm (in practice 5-10 cm)
INS rate: max 200 Hz
RTK service: ESTPOS

Aptiv’s multimode ESR 2.5 radar

  • Range: 174 m
  • FOV: ±10°
  • Update rate: 50 ms
  • Range rate: -100-25 m/s
  • Range: 60 m
  • FOV: ±45°
  • Update rate: 50 ms
  • Range rate: -100-25 m/s

4x Sekonix cameras (3x SF3324, 1x SF3325)

Resolution: 1928 x 1208
Max frame rate: 27 Hz
SF3324 FOV: 120°
SF3325 FOV: 60°

PACMod by-wire kit

Software control of steering, throttle and brake
Controllable over CAN bus
ROS drivers available

AStuff Spectra computer

CPU: Intel Xeon
Memory: 32GB
Storage: 1TB SSD
Networking: 6 Gigabit
Ethernet ports
OS: Ubuntu 18.04

NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Xavier computer

Two Xavier Systems-on-a-Chip
Deep Learning Accelerators
Built-in efficient video encoders and decoders
16x GMSL camera ports (4 in use for Sekonix cameras)
2 Ethernet ports
6 CAN buses

Comma two devkit (dashcam)

Cameras: front and back
Driver monitoring: infraredLEDs for night-driving
Connectivity: LTE, Wi-Fi, GPS, OBD-C for CAN bus