Let’s say a member of our team develops a novel piece of a self-driving algorithm — one that follows new principles and is entirely untried in its fundamental approach. Everyone is itching to give it a try, but for obvious reasons we cannot simply let our car loose on the town when it’s being operated by this exciting but untried software. But all experiments must start somewhere, right? This is where our simulation comes in handy.

By simulation we mean we have a full digital twin of the real-world demo track, accurate to a decimeter. The simulation is implemented in CARLA, and in addition to the demo track, we have created a virtual replica of our self-driving car, featuring the exact same sensor configuration as the real car.

The creation of such an accurate digital twin relied heavily on the data provided by the Estonian Land Board, especially the elevation data and orthophotos.   


Give the simulation a go! We’ve gathered everything necessary for you to start out.